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EcoClean has over 13 years of experience cleaning exteriors here in the Upstate. Not only have we pioneered how exterior cleaning takes place, EcoClean has taught these methods across the United States, teaching hundreds of contractors how to safely clean houses, buildings, concrete, windows, roofs, solar panels, and more!

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Our Clean is Cleaner.

The Upstate's most experienced exterior cleaning company.

Expert House Washing

Your house will look amazing after our SoftWashing service. We can gently remove years of grime, algae, pollen, dust, cob webs, and other contaminates. Our system is capable of cleaning up to 4 stories high without the use of ladders or lifts. Did we forget mention we carefully rinse your windows so as not to leave behind any streaks or spots?

Spotless Window Cleaning

For many, windows can be a pane to clean - but not for us! Our system utilizes ultra pure water that we purify on site and use it rinse away dirt and grime. Your windows dry crystal clear and spot free.

Concrete Steam Cleaning

Concrete gets dirty fast. Dirt, grease, chewing gum, oil, rust... the list goes on and on as to what can make concrete look less then desirable. Thankfully, our steam cleaning equipment can remove all of these stains without harming the surface of the concrete.

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

Ever wonder what those black streaks are on asphalt shingle roofs? It's a form of algae, and it's eating away the shingle granules that protect your house. Using our no pressure roof cleaning method will give you years of life back into your roof as well as adding instant curb appeal back to your home.